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Friday, October 5, 2007

Cardio Mike's Boot Camp Taping Session 2

We got back with Cardio Mike the following week for another taping session with his Boot Camp.
He's still working them hard.
This session he buddied them up and started with stretches.
This one was a lot fun to watch and they all seemed to be having fun too. The object was to touch your partner's knee and whoever touched the other's knee the most was the "winner".
Cardio Mike took everyone outback and timed them on the dash.
Back inside it was more buddy activity. These could be quite challenging.
Cardio Mike showed them how to use a towel to tone.
Finally were activites that reminded me of gym class in grade school and I think everyone was having just as much fun as grade school kids at play.
Stay tuned for the next session that I'll be posting later today!

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