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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

(From the song)
I grew up a-dreamin' of bein' a cowboy,
and Lovin' the cowboy ways.
Pursuin' the life of my high-ridin' heroes,
I burned up my childhood days.
Grandson came to visit this last weekend and asked pa-pa to come play cowboys with him. I set up the table and grandson got the bucket of cowboys and Indians which he began sorting through, "this one for me, that one for you..." and while he was thus occupied "pa-pa" instructed me to get "his" from behind the computer. When I came back I palmed the item to pa-pa unbeknownst to young cowboy and when he turned his attention back to the table....
...there stood this GIANT red cowboy! He paused... looked at pa-pa... and said,
very calmly and matter-of-factly, "put.. that.. back." LMAO!!!

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Anita said...

HAHA!! Kids are so cool, aren't they?!
I made Isaiah mittens, and as he tried on the one I had done first he looked at it a bit, totally straight faced, and said... "Hm. How 'bout another one?" lol...
I think he though I was only going to make one...:)