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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Boot Camp Party!

Cardio Mike's Boot Camp ended with a party in the lobby of Genesis in Hutchinson the evening after the last session. In the last session the platoon was timed and tested to see what progress they made in the 6 weeks. I don't have the numbers but everyone improved in at least one area they had worked on.
T&S Mobile Projectors sat up the big screen in the lobby and previous sessions were reviewed. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of seeing themselves and each other kicking, bouncing, stretching and all the rest of the things that made them sweat and ache.
Food and drinks were abundant and everyone kicked back and relaxed after weeks of work.

They even had an ice cream cake that no one wanted to be the first one to cut into.
Last but not the least part of the party was a trip on The Party Xpress party bus into Wichita for a bar crawl. This is where we parted company with most of the platoon riding off in the party bus, you'll have to talk to one of them to find out how the party ended.

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