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Monday, June 9, 2008

Yardwork and Ballgames

This is the hot, tired and achy that feels good because you can see that you've gotten something accomplished. Had 'fun' getting the wheelbarrow full of weeds burned, everything's damp from all the storms lately. I wished I'd had my good camera outside when I was burning because the stick that you can see on top in the middle of the picture below put on quite a show.
I even attempted to video it but couldn't see the LCD screen on my pocket pc well enough to tell what I was getting.
So I guess I'll just describe it to you. Because of all the moisture in the wood the stick started smoking from the top of it. It looked like it was blowing smoke from the center as if a hose was run through it for that purpose. The smoke turned to flame from time to time looking like a torch. Wish I would've gotten pictures of it. Below are some pictures from last year of my compost bin. This is made with fence posts and pallets also...
There are three compartments, each a pallet wide....
...the compartments on either end are four sided and hold the compost. The area between is for storing hay bales to mix with other bio-degradables for the compost. To start composting, one compartment is filled then allowed to set while the other compartment is filled. After about a year the compost in the bottom of the first compartment should be able to be used. I usually just lift the pallet on the front a ways and shovel out what I need from the bottom. It's really rich and black.

I got some more pallets today that I plan on making a shelter of sorts with. They will be the sides and I have some metal pieces from my daughter's trampoline for the roof frame. I'll have to get a tarp, I don't know if I have any good ones anymore, but they're not expensive. I just have to figure out where I want to put it, because it won't be easily moved.

After cleaning up from the yard work I had another ballgame to attend. I got some rather interesting photo's this time. The one below is really action packed. That's the grandson, "23", doing the leap in the background.
This is quite the pose. He was waiting to bat when he looked over at me and saw that I was pointing the camera at him.

Didn't quite make contact with the ball this time. His dad has been working with him but he still needs more practice.
Below is one another boy on the team. If you click on the picture you should be able to see that I manage to actually catch the ball making contact with the bat. Or is it the other way around, the bat making contact with the ball.
He even made it to first. Below is the coach wanting 'five'.
Game over and they always make sure the boys are good sports no matter who wins.

It was a long busy day, I should sleep well tonight.


Carolyn said...

Whew! You've been busy. I don't venture outside much these days, except to and from work. Not a good place to be, but at the moment ... *sigh. Maybe I can come help you with some of the yard work. These storms have been something else. Although, all in all, we (here) have been really really lucky. Just rain and a bit of hail. Places not too far from here have really gotten pounded!

Anita said...

Your compost setup is exactly what I've been wanting! Great job... and that first photo of the ball game is magnificent!!

Moonshadow said...

Carolyn - I like doing the yardwork, even if it's hot, but my hubby doesn't like it so much because I forget to come inside. I'll stay out all day working on the yard. You're sure welcome to work OR play in my yard anytime! More storms coming in tonight and a wind warning for tomorrow.

Anita - Did I ever direct you to the information about Humanure? Just go to my post about my Showerhouse...
...then scroll down about halfway. There's two links and they tell all you need to know about the composting that I'm doing.

Isn't that baseball photo just way cool? On the picture of my grandson batting I had intended to add that I now know why he can't hit the ball. If you look close, he's got his eyes closed. LOL

Peter said...

Hi! Last night on TV I saw the pallets being used for a compost heap. Great idea and cheap too!

One handy idea they used was to cut the front pallet, of equal lengths, into threes. Then drive two star pickets on either end of the opening. Then drop the three pieces over the pickets.

That way you don't have to lift one heavy pallet to get things out nor do you loose things when you lift the one pallet out.

They also used a thin metal strip and nailed each half at the top and bottom of adjoinging ends of the pallets to make it stronger.

I hope this turns out to be a home run for you!

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Hi, Peter! Thanks for the GREAT ideas. Funny how much the same things are though we're so far from each other.