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Monday, June 2, 2008

Grandson's Photo's

Last week around Memorial Day weekend, my oldest grandson (I think I'll start referring to him as BW) took a drive with me to go get some groceries. On the way I let him use my camera to try his hand at taking some pictures while in a moving vehicle. Here's a few of his over 100 pictures taken that trip.
We both liked the angle he got on this stop sign. Do you see the bullet holes in it? There's hardly a sign in the country that doesn't have bullet holes.
The next one you may need to click on to enlarge. I had made a comment to BW about getting pictures of the birds on the telephone wires. We were looking for a Scissortail Flycatcher that I often see in the area. I said something about the 'two' birds on the wire and BW said, "no, there were 3". When I got home and got the picture on computer I realized we were both wrong, we have a 'Bonus Bird', a woodpecker is on the post.
The next one is BW's favorite. Not sure why, just that he liked the way he captured 'Citizen' all by itself.
As I said, it was around Memorial Day, so on the way home we took a detour through one of the cemeteries along the way.
This one had more flags than some larger cemeteries that I've seen.
He took some of cows and other birds, but I thought this was nice shot of horses in a pasture.
I'd say he did pretty good for the first time using my camera. I know he had fun.

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