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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

True Blue Friend Award

Curiosity drew me to her blog and finding that we have more in common in likes, life and history than differences is why I can call her a Friend though we have never met. We made a connection at the very core of who we are. I am honored to receive this award from Anita and will gladly pass it on. I hope each of you will pass it on to your friends.

KSHIPPYCHIC is a blogging friend that I have had the opportunity to meet. She is the first Kansas blog friend that I connected with and I'm happy to have been part of her cheering section as she has accomplished one challenge after another in this last year. Here's to YOU, Bec!

Peter, my Australian friend, who I will probably never get to meet face to face because neither of us has plans on crossing any oceans. His writing has challenged me to think when sometimes it's easier not to. He recently honored ME by including me in his 1 year blogiversary support group. Back at ya, mate!

Carolyn, I don't think you give yourself enough credit, you're stronger than you think. You push yourself to do what you need to get done whether you feel like it or not. I may not always comment, but I check your blog daily and cheer you on.

Bob at Blackholes and astrostuff keeps me informed about what's going on in the skies above and has encouragingly helped me in learning to use my new camera all the way from Canada. Other things have been taking up my time but I WILL get back to learning what my camera will do and you'll be sure to hear from me.

I have a friend that doesn't have a blog that I'd like to give this award to also. WA and I go waaay back, to the 8th grade to be precise. We may not talk to each other everyday, sometimes not for months, but we know that we're always there for each other, no matter what. It's friendships like these that make the worst of times bearable and gives a sense of security in the face of adversity knowing that a lifeline is there if only you ask. This IS a True Blue Friend.


Bob Johnson said...

Wow, thanks for thinking of me, and congrats on recieving the award, I'll check out the other blogs you mentioned.

Carolyn said...

YOU are the true blue friend here -- because yes, I am aware of and love that you do stop by most every day, and you usually do comment.

I just feel like I am going in 15 different directions every day. A good friend of mine is helping me "step by step" with learning to eat nutritionally. So, I have taken that "step by step" mentality, and tried to apply it to my blog(s). Make A Second Look the main blog. Post every day, participate in a meme, and read the short list of friends I have, and comment, comment, comment. (I would rather have a handful of true blue friends, than a long list of sometimes friends). Focusing on just this part of blogging has finally kicked in to really help and settle that "15 directions" frenzy I seem to be in.

Anyway, all of this to say... I do appreciate your friendship and your support and your comments! and the awards you bestow on me.

Peter said...

Hi and thank you for the award. I love the True Blue touch! Makes me feel quite at home.

Your words are humbling and greatly appreciated. You have been there from the very start and I wish I could do more than just say thank you.

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Dear Friends - Thank you for being YOU! Each of you, in your own way, has enriched my life and I appreciate you including me in YOUR life. : )