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Friday, June 20, 2008

Juice Bar

I believe I have mentioned that I a huge mulberry tree in my yard that produces an abundance of mulberries, yes? These mulberries can be problem because when they are abundant and start falling from the tree they create a fruity mush beneath the tree. I find it a problem, but the bugs find a Juice Bar. This pretty little butterfly was the first to catch my eye.

While photographing the butterfly I noticed lots of these little gold flies buzzing around. It took me several shots to finally get a good one. It just didn't want to sit still long enough for me get a good picture of it.
This beauty was amazingly approachable. I'd take a picture, then move in closer, take another picture, move in closer. I got fairly close before it flew away.
Below you'll see what they were all coming for, juicy berries.
I don't know if I'll get anything posted this weekend. I will be away at a family reunion and I'm not sure if I'll have an Internet connection, or time. I will post all about when I get back if not sooner.


Anita said...

I used to love mulberries when I was little... there was a huge mulbarry tree at my grandparent's "old home place", and there were a few around the neighborhood I grew up in...

Heidijayhawk said...

i see we are not the only ones who love mulberries. great shots.

Alice said...

Wonderful pictures; I don't know how you got so close. I remember spending summers with purple feet from playing too close to the mulberry tree.


Oh man we used to come in the house covered in mulberry as kids! Free candy on the trees! LOL! Your pics are awesome by the way. I wonder what the green flies are. I had been noticing quite a few of them in my garden - before the destruction of course.

Bob Johnson said...

Good job on those butterflies and goldfly.

Moonshadow said...

Thanks Everybody! The mulberry tree in the yard was an accident, a bird must've dropped it. I thought it was a bush that I had planted, till it got bigger.

Alice - Part of the secret is the lens on my camera. The other part is that the butterflies must've been drunk on mulberry juice because they let me get amazingly close before fleeing.

Hippychic - Before I had the tree in my yard I'd take the kids to a friends place on the river and they found every mulberry tree up and down the river. They'd come back purple then go play in the river and the little fish nibbled them clean.

Bob - Thanks! Your far away shots are AWESOME! I don't always comment on your blog because there are usually tons of comments already there.