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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dirty Work

Over the last week or so I've been busy rototilling and area for a garden. It needed some work because I haven't had a garden in many years. I'm just glad I had an actual rototiller to use as that the last little garden I had I turned by hand. I think I was more active then and all my parts worked better than they do now. Yesterday I took three of my grandkids with me to our local hardware store and purchase some plants and seeds. Below are the flowers that KP1 transferred to the pots for me.
After showing her what to do I pretty much let her do the arraignment all on her own.
K-Monster and I drove posts to make the fence with pallets for my cucumbers to climb, and BW (who is now to be known as B-rad, which is what he said they call him at school) laid out the paths between the beds. K-Monster, KP1 and I then laid down newspaper and boards to walk on in the paths.
KP1 had a pumpkin plant from a school project that we planted on the backside of the pallet.
I prefer to plant in beds, I have no luck with rows, I loose them. I bought six tomato plants. There wasn't much of a choice. Two of them are yellow tomatoes, I know nothing about these. The others are two different varieties of Roma. I've planted zucchini, cucumber, carrots, okra, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, watermelon, cantaloupe and onion. Some of these are probably in too late, but, oh well, I'm giving them a go anyway. I just realized that I haven't gotten any bell pepper plants.
The Mulberry trees are loaded this year and the birds are really liking it.
More storms moving in tonight.
I still have to get the pool set up, but I did get the area cleared, I'll see about doing this in the next few days.


Peter said...

Hi! I wish I had more boy toys to use in my garden. The rototiller would come in very handy considering all the clay I have.

Even though most of my parts work, I've learnt to use raised beds and for borders I use sandstone rocks.

By the looks of things your garden will be just great and if those rain clouds do their work the pool will be full in no time.

Take Care,

Anita said...

Great garden! Beds give you a bigger yield within a smaller amount of space... good choice!
I LOVE the 'recycled' fence... I may have to steal that idea someday... :)

Moonshadow said...

Peter - the soil at my folks place, where I grew up, was mostly clay. I plante the first garden they ever had at that place and it was pathetic. LOL Because of the clay, my carrots were smaller than pencils. I think the radishes did OK though. Don't remember what else I planted. Later my folks brought in some good topsoil and made a couple of little raised beds for two small mixed flower and vegetable gardens.

I don't think I'm going to depend on the rain filling my pool, it wouldn't get full by the end of summer, let alone 4th of July (our big Independence Celebration).

Anita - I'll have to post some pictures of my last garden several years ago. It was a small bed, talk about a large yeild from a small area!

The fence isn't an original idea so 'steal' all you like. This is the same way that my compost bin is built. I've got some other ideas for using this pallet and post system and some other repurposed material. I should probably get to it soon while the ground's wet and soft.