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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Vintage Postcards from 1908 - 1940s page 1

Since posting the picture from the South Side City Mission interest so many people I thought I'd scan and post some postcards that were given to me by my Aunt Kathy. The postcards had been in the possestion of my Grandmother Helen (Klassen) Heinrichs. They date from 1908 till the 1940's. They come from locations mainly in Colorado and Minnesota with senders and recipients being members of my father's family with names like Klassen, Heinrichs, Wiebe and Braun. Some of these are written in German script and if you are able to read it, I sure would appreciate knowing what they say. I'll not post all of them at once, probably just four at a time, so be sure to come back if you like what you see.

Edit: From Judith Rempel http://www.mennonitehistory.org/projects/postcards/index.html

Here’s what Irene Klassen/Jake Balzer could ferret out:

2008.11 – man on horse

Liebe Vetter: Deine Karte eine zeit lang zuruck erhalten. Was macht Ihr den immer? Wir sind jetzt gesun, ausser Sara. Hat ____ (reisung?) sie muss in Bett liegen. Gestern warprufung und Morgen is Taufest. Ich und noch sechzehn selen warden getauft. Seit noch all gegruesst von aus dein Bruder in Herrn, Peter J. Heinrichs

Dear cousin: I received your card some time ago. What are you doing these days? We’re still well, except for Sara. (She) has ___ and must stay in bed. Yesterday was test and tomorrow is baptism. I and another 16 souls will be baptized. Now, also, we send you greetings from your brother in Christ, Peter J. Heinrichs


Girl Gone Fishing said...

Wow! Those are awesome. I wish I could speak german.

RecycleCindy said...

Those cards are lovely. The vintage postcards were so pretty and special. As I understand it, they were used like greeting cards back then. Thanks for sharing them.

Moonshadow said...

GGF - I wish I could speak German too. My dad learned German when he was little, his grandmother wouldn't speak English. But after his grandmother died they quit speaking German in the home. What a loss, there are some low-German dialects that are all but lost since they are no longer spoken nor were they written down.

Hi, Cindy! If you like these, be sure to check back as that I have about 40 more plus some other touristy ones that were never mailed.