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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The tastes that take you back...

Nostalgic Candy
"The sweet tastes of yesteryear will surely bring back treasured memories of the candy dish at Grandpa's house or the old general store."

Did your grandpa have a bowl of these candies? Mine did. I don't recall if this was what they had stamped on them(Xs?), but otherwise they were the same. As I recall, Grandpa Heinrichs' candy was in a glass candy dish (seems to me like it had ribbed, straight sides) above the serving window in the kitchen. I was young enough that I could only see it, couldn't reach it. This cabinet was open, did not have doors, so the candy dish was visible at all times and you could see the pink of the candies through the opaque glass. What memories these bring back.

These can be purchased from Lehman's online.


Anita said...

My Grandparents had them, but the had X's on them... We buy them at Orscheln's occasionally. They still remind me of Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Moonshadow said...

How many X's do they have on them? I don't remember Grandma and Grandpa having any other candy except at Christmas they had ribbon candy.

Peter said...

Hi! As a child my parents and grandparents would take me to Darrell Lea's in order to buy these very little boiled lollies they'd place in a very little glass bottle.

It was either that or the lock-jaw candy we used to make. We would boil up suger and water then place a small amount in a paper container and let it cool. Adding hundreds and thousands to the top before it set.

Can't eat them now of course, as they'd rip out my fillings.

All the best!

Moonshadow said...

Peter - are these the lollies you're talking about?
(I may have to get a tinyurl for that)

I'm having a difficult time finding the candy that would stick my teeth together and I used to have hanging out of my mouth a lot in my youth. It was Jolly Rancher Fire Stix. I would buy Fire Stix and my best friend/next door neighbor would buy Apple Stix.
These were a hard sugar candy that were thin and flat. You'd stick one end in your mouth and suck on it till it disolved, which would take awhile. It would also soften and mould to the roof of your mouth. If you weren't careful it could get "stuck" there (sometimes you did this on purpose). : )

Peter said...

Hi! The site link is:


and the Bo-Peep Jar is the one that I was talking about with the candy that I love to eat.

Link to that one is:


Take Care!