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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pictures for Postcard Names

Just a couple of photos for now, I need to look for ones more specific to the time and individuals that are mentioned on the postcards. I believe the picture below is of my grandparents wedding. Cornelius Heinrichs and Helen Klassen were married June 17, 1917. Recorded in their 50th Anniversary book is this, "My future Mother-in-law wanted us to be married at home so, as we both had a number of brothers and sisters, I borrowed a large tent set it up, and borrowed church benches. My Father was our minister, he married us. He and our deacon, Bernard Warkentine signed our license. Our wedding trip was to the South Side Mission in Minneapolis, Minnesota where Katherine was working in the mission. They were putting up a new building and needed men to help as volunteers. We stayed till August 1, my 25th birthday." This was written by my grandfather, Cornelius "C.P." Heinrichs.
The picture below is my great grandmother Katherine (Wiebe) Klassen, not sure who the second in line is, probably one of Katherine's sisters, then my grandmother, Helen (Klassen) Heinrichs and in front, l-r, my father Harold, and his brothers, Wes and Art. I believe this was my either my gr-grandmother's or my grandfather's sod house that they are posed in front of near Joes, Colorado.
More postcards to be posted later today.

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