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Monday, February 1, 2010

Super Slider

Are you all familiar with the new little hamburger that has become quite popular? The Slider. Well, I didn't set out to make sliders the other night, it just ended up being that way.
It all started with making a batch of whole wheat dinner roll dough in my breadmaker. After rolling up all the dinner rolls into 24 equal little balls of dough I decided to not freeze 4 and use them as buns for hamburgers that night.
I just didn't realize how small they were. So in preparing the hamburgers I had to cut the meat patty in half to make it some what fit the bun.
Hence the Super Sliders that were quite a big bite to eat. But they sure did taste good even if they were a bit messy.


Anita said...

Very innovative :)

Oz Girl said...

Well darn, they sure look good!! :)

Moonshadow said...

Thanks, Anita & OG! I'm going to have to get out a couple of the dough balls to see how long it takes for them to thaw and rise for baking. Later I need to get some cabbage and try the dough balls for making bierocks. :)

Peter said...

Hi! Looks so good you should open up your own restaurant. I'm sure they'll be a hit!

Now what will we call this more than a mouthful treat? "Super Slider" perhaps? or better still, "McSlider".

Take Care,


Yummmm! Ok - can you send some of those for breakfast over here! LOL!

Moonshadow said...

Sorry Peter but the 'slider' is not original from me. It's been around for a long time...
And even if I WERE able to claim it, any food you add a 'Mc' too is liable to get you a lawsuit. :(

KHChic! Those were gone quick! For breakfast I get frozen sausage/biscuits, take them apart and heat them in the skillet making the inside of the biscuit toasty, cook an egg in the microwave in a square pan to divide up and put on each of the little sandwiches and garnish to personal taste. My hubby likes mustard and jalepenos on his. :)