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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bierock Bake Fundraiser 2010

Tuesday the 23rd was the annual Bierock Bake Fundraiser for our Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR. When I came in the baking had been underway for several hours already. The air smelled of baking dough. There were bierock cooling...
...and bierock in boxes waiting to be wrapped up to go.

Meat, cabbage and spices sat in pans waiting to be put into the dough that was rising under towels on the range.

Dough was being rolled out...

...and meat mixture folded up in it at two stations of two people working at each.

A few people were taking breaks... Surprise! ....they had been there since early morning.

My dil and I were there for the second shift and clean up.

Mom had been there since earlier in the morning, keeping things cleaned up, making sure they had clean baking sheets as the bierocks were baked and put to cool.

Our Fearless Leader what on her feet this year, remember last year?

Mmmmm... look at all the browning buns in the oven. Too bad you can't smell them.

Other members came to give moral support. ;)

Pinch it up nicely...

...doesn't that look good?

And here are boxes ready to go. This year a history of bierocks was included with each of the order.

This is a really good fundraiser for us. Seems LOTS of people like bierocks and we have no problem selling as many as we can bake in the time we're allotted in the kitchen. I'm sure we could sell even more, but we can only bake as fast as we have room in ovens. So that's all till next year!


Oz Girl said...

Someone brought these to Spirit where my hubby works a few months ago... he loves them. I had never heard of them before, and then I saw them in the deli at the new Dillons store in Derby. And I always pronounce the name wrong... I've already forgotten the correct pronunciation! :)

Moonshadow said...

OG - That would be "beer rock". In German "ie" is a long "E" and "ei" is a long "I". My stat counter tells me that my blog is constantly getting hit by people looking for info on bierocks. Click the "bierock" label at the end of my post if you'd like to read more about them. I just received an email from another chapter member telling us that a new Bierock Restaurant has opened in Wichita over at Riverside. I guess it's in today's Eagle.