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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bierock Bake Fundraiser 2009

Looking for this post I see that I failed to post it. It's being posted in August but will show in my blog at the proper time. Feb. 23rd was bierock bake day for the Golden Wheat chapter AHSGR.

Some of the members brought meat and cabbage ready to go so we could get bierocks into the over ASAP.

There was lots of help, the counter was constantly full with members rolling, stuffing and sealing up the dough/meat/cabbage & onion pocket sandwiches.

Bake them up golden brown then let them cool...

I had been there a short time when I noticed someone very important was missing. About that time in rolled our fearless leader in a wheelchair.

Turned out, that morning as she was loading things up she stepped wrong and ended up breaking her ankle. So she was out of commission as far as the work goes but still able to supervise.

Made good time this year getting everything cooked up, cleaned up and packaged up well withing the time frame that we had to use the kitchen.

This is always a good fund raiser for as as that EVERYONE likes bierocks. Let us know if you want some next year so you can have your order in, we can only make a limited number.

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