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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowstorm - January 27

I'm glad to be inside my warm home on days that blow cold like the ones pictured below.
It was so cold that the snow froze to the north side of the limbs and branches. It was quite pretty.
The yellow grass turned into frosted grassicles. In a day it was all gone again.


Sydney Plumber said...

This is really an interesting blog post, Nice pics of snow storm....Thank you

Peter said...

Hi! Would you swap your snow for 113 degress F downunder? At least where you are you can rug up like a bug in a rug!

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Glad you found it interesting Sydney.

Peter - I'd glady share the cold with you. Hope you and yours are still staying safe. Australia and other places that have recently been afflicted by the weather are in the prayers of many I know.

Ferro Molybdenum said...

You have the perfect resolution for each pic. Very nice. As for what you wrote, I'm not a fan of snow that's why my place is dominated with steel.