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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Princess Plays Basketball Feb. 06

Up early last Saturday to take The Princess, her mom and siblings to her out of town basketball game. Her dad had to work so I drove. Below The Princess swooshes a ball during practice.
Jump ball and "The Games Began!" The reason I say this is because I don't think I've ever been to a basketball game that was quite as aggressive as this one.
There were more tug-o-war over the basketball than tackles in a football game.
Here was our first point, a foul shot.
The Princess even got in the middle of a few of these ball grabs.
She hung on pretty well...
...and ended up with the ball this time.
Another loose ball...
...ending up in another tug-o-war.
The Princess got to throw this one back in.
The scene below would have been comical if it wasn't on the basketball court and hadn't seemed like it was escalating over whose arms would be in front of who.
She got in a lot more action during this game.
But there was just plain more action all the way around during this game. Look at the score board at the end of the 2nd period. Look at all the fouls compared to the score!
I could fill this post with pictures like the one below.
Note that number 5 on the opposition was their most aggressive girl.
Just a few more shots to show you what a great deal of the game looked like from our side doing the grabbing...
...to their side doing the grabbing.
Our girls seemed to get fired up after half time and started getting the ball to their court in into the basket.
The game was pretty intense and the girls certainly got a workout with this one.
They were pretty happy with themselves but I don't think their opposition felt the same.
That was the last game of the season. On to Tournament!

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