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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tracks in the Snow

Like many other places around the country we were blanketed with snow the other day. It started out rather light and we didn't get near as much as people I've talked with both north and south of us. My snowman banner doesn't look so out of place today.

After a fresh snow I like to go out and see what tracks in the snow I can find. We no longer have any pets so it's interesting to see what roaming cats, dogs and sometimes rabbits venture onto my property. I see there's been a cat up on my front porch...

...and walking around in the front yard.

Below are my tracks to and from the mailbox. I could walk out to the driveway and around but the snow wasn't all that deep.

These are dog tracks going up my driveway. I should have put my shoe print beside the dog track so you could see how large they are. The track goes up the drive but not back down. Dog must have had a destination to go to.

Pardon my expletive with the next set of tracks but WTF!!! Since when is it okay to jump curbs and drive across lawns? I realize that dogs and cats trespass, but they're innocently ignorant of man's laws concerning property. Some people's children, anyway.

Happy Tracking!



Holy cow! LOL! That's so wrong - some people feel like they just have to tear it up every time they see snow! So rude!

Moonshadow said...

My neighbor and I have problems with this little piece of land between our houses because what you don't see behind this picture. This road... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_4sEXH_lu4TM/Slo-yHUDZ2I/AAAAAAAAF-8/rTsiHPYiX4g/s1600-h/09071202.jpg ...is directly in line with the tracks above. The old football field/track is on the dirt road side and the new football field/track is at the far side of the tire tracks in the snow. My neighbor and I had taken care of this grassy area for over 30 years and she gets really testy when people cross it, be it on foot or in vehicle.