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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Princess Plays Basketball Game 5

I'm a week behind in my postings. I've been busy trying to get some video editing done for Cardio Mike, my interruptions get interrupted. This was Princess granddaughter's basketball game on Saturday the 10th. On Monday the 12th I realized that I still had all these pictures (almost 400 total) were still on the card in my camera. So just before K-Monster's game I set the computer to transferring them from the card to my hard drive. It took over a half hour to transfer all of them. I don't usually take so many, but I had turned the setting to the preset for sports and it will take multiple shots if hold the button down. On several occasions I unintentionally took multiple shots. The game began with the girls warming up...
...and the coach getting them in a huddle for some coaching.
It was an aggressive game right from the start.
More than once there was a tug-o-war over possession of the ball...
...and more than once, girls ended up on the floor.
Our girls seemed to be more aggressive this game, both in getting possession of the ball and blocking.
Here's the Princess showing her blocking skills...
...and a ball recovery.
I just had to post the picture below to show the support out girls receive. This is the mother of our girl that was scoring for our team. See the ball about ready to go in the basket? The girl is visible just below her mother's elbow.
Our girls may not be winning the games, but they're ALL winners to us and it shows in the love and support they receive.
Good Game, Girls!

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