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Friday, January 23, 2009

K-Monster's 6th Basketball Game

This game was yesterday, the 22nd and I actually made it there in time to tape the whole game. It started out with the visitors getting the first point and the action was pretty even, back and forth.
Both sides were fairly aggressive in their plays...
...and they were pretty equal in size distribution.
Twice during the game the floor was cleared for 'toxic waste' cleanup when a boy on the opposing team had a nose bleed. I don't know if he had been elbowed or just dry sinuses that are typical of this time of year.
The girls didn't have a game today so we had cheerleaders...
...and we saw a lot more of these, meetings with the coach, than we usually do, especially toward the end of the game.
Here K-Monster made his free shot, Way To Go, Monster!
At the beginning of the 4th quarter we were in the lead...
...but that turned around rather quickly and the game got quite exciting toward the end.
I think there was more 'time' in the last 11 seconds of the game that any other part of the game with at least 2 time outs being called.
The clock was stopped at 2 seconds and went into play and out again with the clock being stopped at 1 second. The opposing team threw the ball back in and made a shot and scored.
Great game, Boys! I saw some excellent team work, keep it up!

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