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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

K-Monster's 5th Basketball Game

These are pictures from K-Monster's game on the 12th. He's got another game tomorrow so I need to get these posted and his game DVD burned so I can get it to him.
We were late getting into the game again, though we left earlier, having been late to the previous home game.
The first quarter was ending just as we came in, again. I got some good action shots of the Monster.
This team had a definite advantage having mostly 8th graders who were a head taller than our mostly 7th grade team.
The Monster is center screen on this shot, though the real action is to the left.
I swear some of these boys have wings on their feet.
There was a lot of back and forth and solid effort on our boys part.
The Monster even got a foul shot...
...one of which he made.
But in the end they still aren't making their baskets.
Good effort though boys. If they gave out points for trying you might have scored better.

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