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Friday, January 16, 2009

K-Monster's 4th Basketball Game

OK, I'm way behind in posting. I'm not positive that this was the K-Monster's 4th game, it might have been the 5th. One game was canceled and since this game on the 8th there's been a Princess' game on Saturday the 10th, a K-Monster game on the Monday the 12th and I didn't attend a K-Monster away game on the 15th. Tomorrow morning is another Princess game that I need to drive them to.
The boys played another good game, but still not making their shots.
I did get some good stills of the Monster in action...

The shot below was one of our points.
This one was a mini-dogpile and, I believe, a foul on us.
You'd think that with our teams ability to levitate they'd do much better...
The final score, also showing the fouls.
...and always the show of sportsmanship when it's all over.
Keep working at it boys. You're looking good, you just need to practice making those baskets more.

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