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Monday, January 19, 2009

Moon, Sun and Sky

I managed to get a fairly decent picture of the 2009 Perigee full moon on Saturday the 10th. I love the colors of the sky in this picture and, unlike some of my pictures, I didn't do anything to it in photoshop other than rename it. I didn't even resize this one, so if you click on it to see it better, be forewarned, it's HUGE!
On the 13th my grandson called me from his mother's cell phone telling me to get my camera and go take a picture of the sun and clouds. Below is what I saw, and took a picture of. I haven't asked them what it was that they saw, they were about 30 minutes west of me, so I don't think we were seeing the same thing.
But about 30 minutes later I noticed the sky had gone red, so I went back out with my camera and got the picture below.
Of course, pictures never do these sunsets justice. : )


Bob Johnson said...

Wow, excellent shots!! the cloudscape is beautiful, and the Moon huge.

Moonshadow said...

Thanks Bob! I knew you'd like these shots.