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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Princess Plays Basketball Game 4

Saturday morning, January 3rd, the Princess Granddaughter had her 4th basketball game. Another one at home. Here's our girls warming up the the granddaughter center front, #17.
I was checking out different settings on my camera, instead of the auto setting, which seems to take awful dark pictures in the gym. Here's the girls getting ready for the jump ball to start the game.
I managed to get the camera set so the pictures were nice and bright, but I then had a lot of problems with motion blur, and this game had a LOT of motion.
The girls were a lot more aggressive this game than they have been.
There was a lot more back and forth on the court.
It was quite and intense game. Below the girls are getting some coaching.
It was quite an exciting game.
Below I managed to snap one of the baskets made by one of our girls.
In all the excitement....
...not once did I think about taking a picture of the scoreboard. Not sure why.
The girls played hard and did well, but didn't win, and I'm not even sure what the end score was.


anajz said...

OH OH OH! I L-O-V-E, LOVE girls' basketball! In your photos I had to look twice, at the fifth photo from the top. This summer, our school replaced the pad behind the goals and it is JUST like yours! We also received a new floor...just in time for Hais' senior year.

We have games tonight...and today is our first day back to school. Should be interesting. The last game before break was an away game and we did not have school that day. We didn't realize it beforehand, but her college coach happened to attend the game. It was NOT pretty. Terrible (unnecessary) loss. Thank goodness she is already signed...haha!

Moonshadow said...

anajz, in that same photo that you mention above did you notice the little girl of the opposing team? And I mean LITTLE! But what a jump. Her hands are up even with the taller girls.