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Sunday, November 2, 2008

K-Monster's Birthday 2008

Last week was K-Monster's birthday so the family gathered at his house and his dad grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. With his birthday so close to Halloween he most often has a Halloween theme.
...lots of good food before we get down to celebrating.
K-Monster decided that he wanted a cookie this year instead of a cake.
K-Monster with his girls, his cousins.
We all sang Happy Birthday
...and his Dad reminded him that he was still only a junior monster.
The cookie wasn't the only over sized sweet... there was also a chocolate bar...
...that everyone enjoyed. Even the small chunks were large.
Lastly, everyone gathered in the living room to watch the K-Monster open his gifts.
There were more cards than packages...
...which suited the Monster just fine since the cards contained green folding stuff.
Finally the single package, a favorite style shirt and cap...
...a second shirt...
...and he was obviously pleased with the two video games.
Here's the Monster modeling his new shirt and cap.
Another Happy Birthday Celebration for the Monster. Here's to Many More, Kiddo!

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