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Friday, November 28, 2008

Error 99

My beautiful wonder camera has been sent to the the shop. Halfway through the birthday party I got the dreaded "error 99" message (similar to a blue screen of death on the computer). After doing much research I discovered that this is a blanket error message and after doing the recommended troubleshooting the only recourse is to send it in. I was prompted online to find the service center closest to me and after supplying them with my zip code they would gladly supply me with driving instructions to either one of two service centers, both over 1,000 miles away. One is on the east coast the other on the west coast.
So, not feeling like spending my holidays driving to either coast (though it might have been fun), I bubble wrapped it, packed it in it's original box (which I was later informed I shouldn't have because they don't guarantee that I'll get it back) then packed that box in a larger box surrounded by more bubble wrap. Then off to the Post Office it went to be insured, tracked and tagged with a return receipt so I'll know they got it. Hopefully I'll have it back before Christmas.

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