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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Just had to slip these pictures in before getting back to my projects and events. The first Trick-or-Treater of the night was the cutest little girl. Can you tell who she's dressed up as? Isn't she just adorable?
Shortly thereafter my daughter walks up walking her dog. The dog is suppose to be in a dragon costume...
...but he doesn't like his ears stuck through the holes that hold the dragon head on. So it just looks like he's got a lizard going for a ride on his back.
Here's my eldest granddaughter as a cheerleader...
...her sister as the sheriff (it's more about riding a horse than upholding the law)...
...and their brother as an injured dirt bike rider. I didn't get the moon boot in the picture.
Grandpa gave out the candy because I was out in the yard with my camera.
The following are pictures of some of the ghouls, goblins and witches that graced my yard with their Trick-or-Treatery...

It was a beautiful night to be out and about. The weather was mild and there was virtually no wind. I just had to get a couple pictures of my chandelier, it's not often calm enough to enjoy it.
The candles hardly flickered it was so calm.
I had candles on the porch also, but they weren't near as bright as this picture would have you think. I ended up having to turn on the porch light so kids would know that I was giving out candy.
And, as evidenced by my daughter, Halloween isn't just for kids. The pets are getting in on it too.
...next year I'm going to have to make sure and get some doggy goodies to give out.
...this little girl was soooo cute.
The last Trick-or-Treater was this black cat. She walked straight up my front step and right up to the door where I was standing as the last children were leaving. She walked right up like she knew me and even wanted to come inside but was content with laying down on the porch. I had never seen her till this night and have no idea who she belongs to.
A rather odd guest to have on Halloween night, don't you think?


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