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Sunday, May 4, 2008

OR - CA 2008 / Chapter 11

Last Night in Oregon
After the celebration, many of the family members went back to Uncle Gordon and Aunt Kathy's house to relax and visit.
A good time and happy gathering for all.
Sunday morning we were all up bright and early. The plane was to depart at 10:40am and we needed to be there 2 hours early to check in.
I took some shots on the way to the airport...
...to give you a little more idea of the beauty of the area.
Next are shots from inside the Portland airport. This was the view out the windows...
...on our way to our gate for our layover flight to Fresno...
...here's a piece of the artistry on one of the walls.
Our gate was 'B', to the left in the picture below. Up the ramp to the center is a large central opening...
...not having checked out a map of the airport, I'm not sure if this is the main part, but it appears to be.
A musician, Bill Keale, was performing and selling his CDs here also. My mom and I had walked down here to see what was available to eat and so I could get some pictures. We were standing in front of the musicians table with CDs on it when his wife(?) came walking back, probably from the restroom. As soon as she came back, two children popped out from under the cloth covered table and started running around. She smiled and said they had their own little world set up under the table and then she laughed.

Next post will be our arrival in Fresno and the Mennonites Men's Chorus.


Anita said...

The landscape photos are beautiful!

The airport looks huge... lol

Alice said...

Oh, my, it certainly is a beautiful part of the country. And aren't airports interesting.

Moonshadow said...

This area of Oregon is what they call the High Desert. It's certainly a different landscape than the Kansas prairies.

Just wait till you see the posting that I have for the Denver airport on our trip home.