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Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Summer Vacation

The grandkids are out of school and lots of things are needing my attention outside, so I might not be posting as often as I have been. You may be wondering why I have posted a picture of weeds on my blog?...
These are not just ANY weeds, these are Lamb's Quarter. I recently posted several links about Lamb's Quarter in a comment on Anita's blog...





...she had posted about whether or not she could 'find edibles out here on the prairie'. So I left the comment about Lamb's Quarters growing everywhere out here and being edible.
Then I was surprised to find that KSHIPPYCHIC posted about dandelions being edible on HER post yesterday. I've got a granddaughter needing my attention, so I better get this posted.


Brenda said...

Just yesterday I was weeding Lamb's Quarters from a walkway at my home ... and I remembered that my mother had cooked them when I was little. She served them up like spinach (which I never was fond us), but what a tremendous source of nutrition!

Moonshadow said...

I had always been interested in what was 'out there' that could possibly be edible. My husband was the one that told me about Lamb's Quarters, there was lots of it in my garden, hiding the rows of seeds that I had planted. It made wonder what else was edible that I was pulling and throwing away that grew without my urging while those that I planted needed care and coaxing and often died anyway.