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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday!

Today we celebrated my grandson's 15th birthday. This is the same grandson that is in THIS picture. It's hard to believe that he's 15. We started out with his dad grilling burgers and hot dogs out on their new deck...
My daughter's inlaws are also here from Memphis because the same grandson will be having his 8th Grade Promotion ceremony tomorrow.
So we all loaded up with lots of good things to eat, see my infamous veggie tray?
Below are my son's children...
...then my brother arrived with his wife and grandchildren...
After eating the kids went out and played on one of their favorite pastimes, bouncing on the trampoline.
Finally it was time to celebrate the birthday boy!
He wanted to know if he needed to put in all 15 candles and more than one person assured him he did.
Grandpa and I gave him a present of his own personal can of chocolate pudding since when he comes to visit us on weekends he asks several times a day if he can have a pudding cup. He appears to have appreciated the gift.
I think all the rest of his gifts came in cards and was green and folded, which suited this 15 year old just fine.
Everyone had cake and ice cream, though my brother informed me that all his grandchildren really wanted was the frosting.
After the celebration we all went out to the deck and enjoyed the fine weather we were having. At this time the sun had fallen far enough behind the house to give us all some nice shade.
He may be 15, but he's not to big to sit in his mother's lap.
Little brothers, what can I say, he IS called K-Monster.
When the moon started rising above the school across the parking lot we decided that it was time to head for home.


Alice said...

I had to laugh at his gift of a can of chocolate pudding--how perfect. Happy birthday to your grandson!

Anita said...

It looks like such a great party! Food and money - what great gifts for a 15 year old boy! :)

Moonshadow said...

Thanks ladies! We had a GREAT time. It's been a busy weekend. Hope you're out enjoying the weather too!

Carolyn said...

Didn't we have THE best weather this weekend? I could take a hundred more days like the ones we had this weekend. Absolutely perfect. Sounds like you had a great family filled fun day. That can of pudding is too funny. Our babies -- and grandbabies grown up way entirely too fast!

Moonshadow said...

The best thing about the pudding is that teenage boys actually appreciate this sort of thing. Of course that wasn't all he got, so this type of gag gift is all the better.

Bob Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Grandson, cool Moon photo as well.