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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Granddaughter's Girl Scout Awards Ceremony

Thursday evening was my granddaughter's Girl Scout Awards Ceremony, she's in the Brownies. She's the one with the cap on.
They started with their flag ceremony that was a skit, while the girls that were standing read the ingredients, the girls on the floor placed the "ingredients" into the pot in front of them...
...then they stirred them well...
...and what they produced was Old Glory, our flag.
We all joined the girls in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The girls then sang, "Make New Friends". This is a song that was sung when I was in Girls Scouts, only now they have some different words past the first line.
The girls were then each called forward and were presented with their badges and patches they earned for various activities.
The activities ranged from individual to national.
Then we got a picture of the whole Brownie/Daisy troop.
Next the older girls came forward....
...first they shared with us favorite events from their photo album from the last year. Then they were presented with their badges and patches.
After this the volunteers were thanked for their time and effort.
The ceremony ended with tea and cookies. It didn't take long for the cookies to disappear.
The girls all had a great year and are planning on another great year to come.


Anita said...

They still sing "make new friends"?!? Wow!
I was a brownie scout... but my mom made me choose between scouts and 4-H, and there was no contest... 4-H was much oooler!

Moonshadow said...

I lived in the "big city" (Wichita) and didn't even know what 4H was. Us city kids had just had Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.