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Monday, May 19, 2008

8th Grade Promotion

The evening arrived for the birthday grandson's 8th Grade Promotion. Family arrived...
...and nearly filled two rows...
...in the school gym.
The Processional begins and everyone is instructed to stand. I understand that this is to show respect for the students being honored, but with everyone standing, only the ones on the isles actually SEES the procession.
With the students all seated the program begins...
The Invocation, Welcome, Valedictory Address, Salutatory Address, Special Recognitions, Class Will, Class History, Class Prophecy, Class Poem, Special Music, Address by the Rev. Kurt Henson...
...then Presentation of the Certificates.
Each student was also presented a blue rose.
There was the Benediction and the Presentation of the Class.
Everyone filed over to the 'rubber gym' where each of the students had a table set up with mementos and accomplishments from there years in Elementary school.
There was cake, punch, nuts and mints.
The daughter ran into her High School shop teacher and they had a nice conversation.
I just liked the picture below, thought it was a good one of son and mother.
Grandson appears to have a hand for art, I think I might need to feature him on my KS Born Talent page. He's got a nice sketch of a Coca Cola can that his mother has framed.
It was a nice ceremony and we didn't burn up from the heat like we used to a generation ago.
May your High School years be as Memorable.


Peter said...

Hi! My congratulations go to him as well. Obviously you're very, very proud of him.

Does he have any idea what he wants to do after finishing school?

With the wealth of support behind him, he'll do very well.

Take Care,

Anita said...

Great pictures, as always... He looks so much like his mom! :)

I went to my step-nephew's 8th grade promotion last night... 9 students in his class... lol
He got a new saddle, and new seat covers for the Ford truck he just bought, and a new long oiled riding coat for next winter and quite a few cards with gas money in them... lol
I always envied the farm kids, they alway get to drive legally at a younger age!
My sister had a party afterwards at the farm, we had to move it inside because of the mosquitoes - they are terrible around here this year!

Carolyn said...

They don't call it "graduation" here -- its 8th grade promotion. Ethan has 2 cousins who are just a couple of months older than him, and we are going to try and put a CD together over this next year, of them growing up together. We have pictures of them together when they "graduated" preschool, 8th grade -- as well as several other school events, like prom and such. The final touch will be that High School graduation.

Moonshadow said...

Peter - I haven't talked to him lately about what he has in mind for the future. His interests had leaned toward the military and computer gaming.

Anita & Carolyn - I grew up in Wichita and we didn't have 8th Grade Promotion. When I was that age we had an advancement program for going from the Elementary school to Jr. High. Then, Jr. High was 7th-9th grades. I didn't know anything about 8th Grade Promotion till I moved to rural Kansas.

The rural kids certainly get celebrated at this time. Alot of the farm kids get vehicles, many of them shiny new.

Carolyn, that sounds like a wonderful project. The boys will appreciate later if not now.

Bob Johnson said...

Congrats to your Grandson!

Anita said...

Our High School is 8-12 - even then, when I was a senior there were only 100 kids in the whole high school... lol
There were 18 graduating seniors from our HS this year that had President Bush give them their graduation address...

Alice said...

Congratulations to your grandson! Certainly he inherited his artistic eye from you, Moonshadow. I always enjoy your photos so much.