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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing Last Forever (except maybe plastic bags in trees)

The past couple of days have been dealing with the fact that appliances don't last forever. First there was water under the hot water heater, this was a week or so ago. It had rained just prior to this so I wasn't sure if it was the water heater or the rain because the floor dried up. Then a day or so later there was even more water, but we were still having rain off and on. The vent for the hot water heater goes pretty much straight up, just a slight angle out of the house up the side from the basement. When this didn't dry up we were pretty sure that it was an appliance issue. In the meantime, I put a load of clothes in the dryer and it started vibrating and groaning really bad and rather loudly. Have a service warranty on the washer and dryer I called and scheduled for possible repair on dryer and regular maintenance on the washer. This appointment was made for Thursday anytime between 8am - 5pm. Nothing like narrowing it down, I'm just glad they could pinpoint to just one day and not say sometime between the 14th - 16th. I guess I shouldn't complain, it's not like they have a shop here where I live.
Then the hubby called our "local" plumber and made arrangements for him to bring a new hot water heater and install it on Wednesday. So Tuesday night I moved my pantry items out to give the repairmen plenty of room to work, filled a bucket of water to have in the bathroom and a cooler of water in the kitchen (not knowing how long it will take him to switch them out). Then waited. The plumber came around 9:30am and was out of here before noon. I hardly knew he was here. Today, after lunch I was starting to wonder if the repairman was going to show up, but around 1:30pm he calls to say he was about a half hour away. When he finished up it turned out that it was simply lints that was causing the noise and vibration in the dryer so no major repair was need, thank goodness.

Now I just need to get things put back where they belong, take a shower and go to my granddaughters Girl Scout Awards ceremony. Pictures to come...

(Edit: Correction on the water heater vent, there's quite a turn in it. There's no way the rain could have come in there.)


Anita said...

Nothing worse than things we depend on so much not working!

I lived for a year with no gas service, which meant no heat and no hot water... our house was only about 800 square feet, so the electric oven heated it at least enough that we didn't freeze in the winter, and I heated all water for baths and dishes and things... I'm pretty good at primative... lol

Moonshadow said...

I can certainly make do if I have, but I never have had to for any length of time. : )