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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Retirement Celebration

Dad's Retirement Celebration is one of the things that had been keeping me occupied recently. After Big Boys Toy Show, my son and I went to my folks home and interviewed my Dad with him sitting in front of the green screen. Afterward I transferred the video to my computer and applied the chroma key setting to it and then was able to float Dad over whatever picture I wanted. So I spent the next few days and Thursday night working on a video of Dad's "Work Years". I didn't quite get it all put together, but I did have a video to show at his celebration. I will work on finishing it and cleaning it up later. Below is a picture of my Dad, an Evans employee, my Uncle, and my Aunt.

Here's the board they made up for him. They even had the newspaper article laminated.
Here's a plaque that was presented to him.
This is his lunch box and hard hat that he used for many years.
My Mom and some of the many people that attended. You can see the big screen in the background.
These are mostly Evans' people in this shot and the big screen to the right.
It was a wonderful celebration and I thank the people at Evans for recognizing Dad's achievements as they have. Afterward Mom & Dad, my Aunt & Uncle, my brother and his family, my hubby, my son and I all went out to eat. It was good to be with family.


Anita said...

Wow! What a great retirement party! You can sure tell how much people love your dad :)

Peter said...

Hi! I know he does not know me but give him my best!