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Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Boys Toy Show 2008

Saturday my son and I set up our T&S Mobile Projectors equipment at the 2008 Big Boys Toy Show, a trade show that we've been at for several years now. We set up with Entercom Wichita and projected the events of the main stage onto our big screen. This year we set up and had fun with the green screen when the second camera wasn't busy recording. The children got a real kick from being on "TV" (their usual concept when seeing their image on the smaller screen) with the various backgrounds, under the sea, desert rock bridge, etc...

Big Boys Toy show was presented by Entercom and Dopps Chiropractic.
The bike below was built by the welding shop at Hutchinson Community College.
Of course Harley Davidson was there, represented by Alefs Harley Davidson.
The Toy Train Club always has a nice display that welcomes all ages of boys as well as girls.
Here's a closeup, do you see the two men on the hand car?
I recognized the General Lee right away and had to get a picture.
Our own Patriot Guard was well represented and I saw their members throughout the show all day.
One item I really like, chainmaille, was being sold in jewelry form at one of the booths.
There were a couple of artists present...
...each had their own distinctive style.
Then there was the favorite of a lot of the guys, the beer garden.
Several of the booths were dedicated to trying out the newest version of video games. I took this picture for you KSHIPPYCHIC!
Here's a picture of the schedule, I made sure and got this picture before anything started, I didn't last year was hunting names for events the next day. Aces & Six guns didn't make it out this year so the the schedule was bumped up and ended earlier than what was listed.
I failed to get a still picture of the Cowtown Cowboys on stage, I got video of them that I can take a clip from, and I did get some shots of them hanging out around their booth. They roamed the show all day and you could easily hear them coming up on you with the jingle-jangle of their spurs. Their stage show was quite loud with a lot of gun shots, and even though I knew they were coming, I still flinched with each shot.
The belly dancers with Amira Dance Productions were back this year handing out discount coupons for the Renaissance Festival in April.
Knights, Pirates and Belly Dancers with Great Plains Renaissance Festival entertain the crowd with their bawdy pirate ways.
SSI Equipment had several taser demos throughout the day, not something I'd like hit with.
Quite a diverse crowd comes to see the Big Boys Toy Show.
Ryan Windham was back this year, he has added a few things to his show, like playing the spoons in his one man band presentation.
John Gamache is new to the show and plays the bass in the same style as Ryan.
A big draw this year was Hacksaw Jim Dugan & Diva Layla. The line was half the length of the room to get signatures.
I wasn't able to get a real good overview of the Expo Hall because this year they had a banner up the obstructed the left side of my usual shot. T&S Mobile Projectors' big screen can be seen at the back wall to the left of the stage, right of the big double doors.
It was a good day, we had a lot of inquiries about our service and had a lot of fun with the green screen. After I finish up a couple other projects I'll look at the video I've taken and see about putting together another montage.


Anita said...

I really need to watch television more often... I had no idea it was that time of year again... Looks like a lot of fun!

Moonshadow said...

Actually, I didn't see it advertised as much on TV this time. I mentioned this to the sales manager and she said that they didn't have the advertising on TV that they had last year. The past two years it's been in the first week of January, I don't remember before that. I'll let you know before Fun Fair comes up. : )

Peter said...

Hi! All I want for next Christmas is a back rub and a Harley. As I've been a good boy what are my chances? I wish I could have been there! Take Care!

girlgonefishing said...

Great pics! I wish I could have been there too.

Moonshadow said...

Well gosh, Peter, doesn't your employer hire in masseuse for the holidays? Seems like since you've spent all year on your feet, hefting people around it's the least they could do. As far as the Harley goes, I hear they're backordered for a couple of years, so you better get your order in early.

GGF - Thanks for dropping by! You would've had a good time, I'm sure.

radicalb said...

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Peter said...

Hi! I'm here to give you a 10 out of 10.