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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy Day

At my daughter's urging and our doctor's recommendation, yesterday, hubby and I joined the YMCA. This is the newest one in Wichita. At my doctor's appointment last week I mentioned that we were thinking about joining and doc says that she thinks hubby would benefit from an aquatics program. So yesterday I ran around like one of those headless chickens looking for our gym bags and things that either one of us has seen in over 3 years. Eventually I got most things regathered in their bags, I still can't find my combination lock though, and off we went. Of course we had a couple stops to make first, Post Office, service station to get gas and air in low tires, Credit Union and then finally the Y. When we get there the daughter is standing out front, she has just arrived and sees us drive in. We take the tour, get signed up and decide to hit the machines when low and behold the previously nearly empty facility is jam packed with bodies. People of all ages, sizes and shapes, moving. We eventually make it through somewhat of a workout and found our way back out through the flood of incoming charged up children. Hubby's comment? He wants to know when they open, that's when he wants to go next. This from the man that likes to take his time getting ready and would prefer not to schedule mornings. Next we met up with my BFF (we meet in Jr. High) so I could finally get her Christmas present to her. Just a little something she'll have fun with. Then on to CompUSA where the son works to check out some of their discounts and after closing the store went to Jimmy's Diner for dinner. The son's family was in town so we got a couple tables in the back dining room which accommodated hubby's wheelchair. I had a turkey sandwich, I think it was called a Turbachee? Turkey, bacon and ??? It also had Swiss cheese, maybe that's what the chee on the end stood for. Very tasty sandwich. Oh, and I had a choice of sides, not stuck with fries or chips, so I got a small bowl of vegetable soup. Very tasty also. We closed down Jimmy's too, so we decided we better head home. It was after 11pm when we got home and I was pretty well worn, so I decided to wait till today to post. Now we just need to start going to the gym regular.


Anita said...

Sounds like a great day!
Wish we had a gym around here... Never was one here, even before the storm... Nearest one is 30 miles away, and they're NOT the YMCA, they are expensive places. *sigh*

Moonshadow said...

I don't know how the prices compare, I joined this one because this is where my daughter's family is at and she wants me to come work out with her, plus it has the aquatics for my hubby. I do know that they have special deals for low income, and again, I'm not familiar with that part of it. We're getting ready to head out again today, going earlier. : )

Peter said...

Hi! So you two are going to be as fit as a fiddle then! Perhaps we can sign you up for the Olathe Kansas Marathon on the 29 March, 2008! Do you think you will be ready by then?

Take Care

Moonshadow said...

Don't think so Peter, I've never been a runner. I'd much rather get into a bike riding event. You going to give the Album meme a try? See what kind of a band and cover you come up with?

Momo Fali said...

Wow. It looke like a pretty nice place from the outside! Nothing like our YMCA, that's for sure.