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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Run, Run, Run

That's what it's been ever since getting back from Cape Girardeau. I figured I'd better post to let it be known that we made it back safe and sound. Got back late Monday night, around 10:30 pm. I got everything unpacked and pretty much put back where everything belonged. When I got up Tuesday we went through the snail mail and got caught back up on everything but the newspaper. Before I knew it, it was time to get ready to go to Wichita and hubby's class at Cowley. On the way home from that my son called to say that the starter had gone out on his car and we turned around and went back to town to help him with that. Got back home around 12:30 am and had to finish up on a video that we need for today. I was up till about 6:30 am and grabbed a couple hours sleep so I can get around and get ready to go to Hutch for more "Boot Camp" with Cardio Mike. I'll put a post up explaining more about that tomorrow after I've had some sleep. Gotta RUN!

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Simply Amethyst said...

Ugh... Don't you hate unpacking?! Glad you made it safe...:)