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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Last Hurrah of Summer

I've been really busy so have not had time to post pics from over the holiday weekend. We didn't have a planned celebration since my kids all seem to have jobs that makes it necessary for them to work while the general population gets off. One grandson asked if he and a friend could come over and swim on Sunday night so I asked if he wanted to pitch the tent and watch a movie and play video games also. He was all for it. I rode the mower over to my son's house with the trailer attached to pick up a load of small limbs for the fire pit and the older granddaughter road back on top of the load. Below is a pic of the movie on the side of the house shot over the top of the fire from the firepit. I don't have a camera with a lot of function adjustments so this first shot is simply with the flash turned off.
The next shot is with the flash on, you can see more details.
What the pictures don't show was the kids having a blast with the glowsticks I gave them. We buy bulk off ebay so during the summer holidays the kids have them. They love playing with them in the pool and it makes the little ones feel safer, plus you can see where the little ones are! We also cooked marshmellows and made s'mores. Everyone had a great time.
The next one I stepped in front of the fire and used the flash. The kids and my son are playing xbox on the side of the house.
Just a shot I took as the fire was dying down, waiting for the kids to fall to sleep.
Here's the tent they slept in.
This is Labor Day, the kids are rolling up their sleeping bags.
Clowning for the camera.
A bunch of kids showed up to play with our trikes in the driveway. It amazes me that the older ones still get on these bikes to ride up and down the drive.


Simply Amethyst said...

How fun! Great pictures, too...
My hubby fished with friends all day Saturday, and then went out of town with the same friends on Monday to pick up a car that one of them had bought... *sigh* Our daughter worked everyday... Spent most of the weekend with my 9y.o. son and our daughter's boyfriend... :(

Moonshadow said...

SA, sure wish I had known, I would have invited you to come camp in my yard, swim in my pool, enjoy the fire, watch movies and just enjoy yourself. :( Not sure how long the drive is, did hippychic say how long it took her to drive there? I think we're about the same distance from you. Your 9y.o. would have had fun with the grandson, I'm sure. I've got a frig on the porch to keep cold your beverage of choice. :)

Simply Amethyst said...

Hutch is 90 miles... 30 from here to Pratt, and 60 from Pratt to Hutch...
That would have been fun... Isaiah probably would have enjoyed it, too..
I did get a lot of cleaning and organizing done, though...lol

Moonshadow said...

Yahoo says that we're 90.4 miles apart. Hutch is fewer miles to travel because the road takes a diagonal between Pratt and Hutch. We're at Norwich, about 52 miles south of Hutch.

Simply Amethyst said...

Cool... yep, I know where that's at!


Dang that's a big tent! We need a bigger one badly. So is there a KS blogger BBQ coming some day!?!

:) too much fun!

Moonshadow said...

Hey hippychic! I don't see why we couldn't have a KS blogger BBQ. My son would LOVE it! He's been trying to get people to come enjoy the set up ever since we started. Let's talk, anyone else interested?