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Monday, September 17, 2007

Cardio Mike's Boot Camp

I thought that Cardio Mike had a website but I can't seem to find one. My son and I are taping his "Boot Camp". I'm not real sure what I can post on my blog about it, he has fliers and posters about the Boot Camp, but I'm not finding anything online. Mike is a Group Fitness Instructor at Genesis Health Club in Hutchinson Kansas. This is a wonderful new facility. T&S Mobile Projectors taped an exercise session in the club with Mike about a year ago and the transformation of the bare, warehouse to the new modern facility is simply amazing. I really did not feel like I was in the same place. Check out the link and I'll get with Mike and find out what I can put on my blog, so check back here.


Rogue8649 said...

Do you happen to have an email for Cardio Mike or any way to get in touch with him?


Moonshadow said...

Email Mike at