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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fish Tale

OK, just have to share this story about my adorable little granddaughter. (See picture)...

My daughter called yesterday and asked if I'd like to go with her to the new Dillon's Marketplace in Wichita. My daughter has two sons, so every once in a while, she'll "kidnap" one of her brother's daughters and this day she had the youngest of the two. One of the first stops in the store was at the frozen fish cooler and we each picked up a package of talapia. As we were going along, as a means to hurry my daughter up a bit, I would remind her that that the "fish was thawing". After a while my daughter started saying, "it's all your fault, mom." "What's my fault?" Then I heard it, my granddaughter attempting to imitate my "complaint" about the fish thawing. Only the sweet, dutchy, little girl seems to have problems with the "f" and "sh" sounds. Just replace those with "b" and "ch" and you'll have what SHE was saying. Now my daughter and I were belly laughing and the poor little one didn't have a clue what was so funny.

My daughter tells me that her best friend's little girl had the same speech difficulty at that age. The little one would say that she was going "biching" with her daddy with her "biching" pole.

Children can be soooo entertaining. Just gotta love 'em.



LMAO! Too cute - an funny. Kids are so innocently funny at that age. Yer grandbaby is a doll! :)

Simply Amethyst said...

Little ones say the darndest things... She is so adorable!