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Friday, August 10, 2007

Fairy Butts

I have found myself with some time to just sit and do what ever I want. I think I have most everything together that I need except the salad for the picnic, but I plan on fixing that tonight.

Here are pictures of the Asiatic Dayflowers that I said I would post. It is a ground cover that is like what we always called the Wandering Jew. I'm assuming some bird dropped a start or seed (I'm also assuming it goes to seed though I've never seen seeds) to start this growth in my mulch as that I've never had any on my property before. The flowers bloom in the morning and by evening they're all shriveled up.

Looking at this shot once I had uploaded it to my computer I thought, "Hmmm.... that looks like a couple of blue winged fairies trying to fly off into the leaves."


I took the picture into my graphics program and cropped it and enhanced it a bit to come up with this shot.

I've got some pictures of the things that I have been working on for Saturday and I'm just debating as to whether I should post them here or at KS Born Talent. I think I'll post them there. So if you'll just click on the link I'll get a new post up over there.



OMG! They do look like little fairie butts!! LOL! I have a few of those as well just here and there!

I am working on getting a babysitter for tonight! My hubby has to work - 3pm to 1am - but if I can manage someone to watch the kids, I will be up at Mcgraws to meet you and take some photos!! Cross yer fingers! If I can't get a sitter, I might leave the kids with big sister for a few and just come and say helloooooo!! :)


Are you awake yet??? Teehee!!!

Moonshadow said...

What! I only slept till 1:30pm. Geez! We had to unload equipment after we got home so I didn't get to sleep till after 5! And I was woke up a couple times during that time. I'll get back with you later.