Random Acts of Living

Friday, August 24, 2007

Blowing in the Wind

You gotta be strong to handle the Kansas wind. It's been blowing pretty strong almost daily for the past week. My poor plants are getting a beating. Fortunately, they should come out of it stronger for having to fight.
Can you see my potted plant hanging in the tree blowing sideways. Somebody really needs to find a way to tap all this energy effectively.



It has been insane! We got some nasty stuff last night - lots of electricity. It seems to be calmed down now though. How is your pool holding up??

Moonshadow said...

Water's getting a bit low via evaporation. With the kids back in school, no one has been over to swim and I couldn't see adding water till they were ready to swim. As hot as it was it would have felt good to have cold water added. I may drain the pool early this year, I'll wait till after Labor Day though.