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Sunday, August 19, 2007

40th Class Reunion

Last night was my husband's 40 year class reunion. First thing was the lasagna dinner with salad, bread sticks and a creamy chicken and pasta mix. There was plenty to go around and plenty left to take home.

Next was to gather everyone from the class for a photo. Here's two that I took. All the while, playing in the background, was a two man '60s band, the husband of one of the classmates. They were quite good.

Hopefully I got everyone that was "hiding" in the second shot.

Then all the classmates were gathered into a large circle and were asked to tell either a funny story or something memorable about High School. It was fun to hear the stories as each took their turn around the circle. To hear others say, "That was you that did that?!" and "I got blamed for a lot of that stuff." There was one amusing story about a carload of girls driving through the cemetery at night and boys dropping from a tree over the road onto their roof. The girls telling how scared they were and spinning their tires in the dirt road to get out of there. There were many tales and many laughs before the night was over. I could have sat there all night and listened to their stories.

It all broke up around 11pm and everyone said "Goodbye" till next time.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures. It was indeed a fun event and the stories were truely a treat to hear first hand. Now I know if something goes wrong - "Galen did it!"
Ken Fast '67