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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July

I've been so busy and spending so much time out in the yard and garden that I haven't had time to update my blog. We didn't have as large a gathering as we have in the past for the 4th but we totally enjoyed those that were able to be here. The weekend of the 4th was a rainy weekend, but not a stormy one. The rain was bearable without the wind and craziness. We set up the tables in the studio for games and eating...
Two long tables lengthwise out from one wall...
...one long table lengthwise for the food and the third table out lengthwise to the center for use as needed.
The ladder, above, was so the older kids could climb up into the loft to free up more room below.
Below is how you get a fire started with wet wood. You just need a good bellow to get a hot fire.
The rain stopped just in time for the kids to start lighting their fireworks.
The big kids were ready to voluntarily get wet.
Also notice in the picture below the large white area above the pool. That's the screen for the movies.
Here's a shot of the yard. You can see the barbecue grills under the canopy.
The pool is new this year, the one we had for 5 years finally bit the dust. The new pool is much larger and came with a volleyball net and ball which the kids soon put to use.
A lot of energy was exerted having fun.

Then darkness fell and the light show began. This was on the street and went on for quite some time.
The city fireworks was shot off the night before for the school's 100 year celebration that was going on. It was still raining off and on and I didn't take my camera outside because of it.
Members of our family had bought some nice fireworks...
...and there were other families in the neighborhood shooting theirs off, too.
I like this silhouette shot.
The person in town that shot off the city fireworks had a few of the same to shoot off for the 4th. There was a whole series of ones like the one below....
...with one like this between...
...another like this.
The rain was really a blessing because it hadn't rained in a while and things were rather dry, easily burned. So the rain made for a very safe 4th. We all had a wonderful time, missed those that were elsewhere but felt their presence.

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Anonymous said...

Wow the fireworks are beautiful. You're a great photographer.

Rebel Rouser is one of those songs I really love, but hate to admit it!