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Monday, June 28, 2010

T-shirt Totes - Recycling T's

One of the items that I have that belonged to my Aunt Leta is her serger. In her younger years Aunt Leta was a top-notch seamstress. She could sew up ANYTHING from scratch. In her later years her serger was her pride and joy. I had never used a serger before and by the time it got to my house the threads were tangled and I wasn't sure of the threading. The other night my son sat down and got it all straightened out for me and I gave it a try on some old t-shirts that I had saved for crafting. Here's the first tote that I made.
To make a tote any t-shirt will work. One with something printed on it is what I prefer.
I start by stitching across the bottom however deep I want the bag with the shirt inside out. Then I cut off the sleeves and cut a large opening for the top.
To stitch around the openings I turn it back right side out. I turn it inside out again and stitch up the sides making the bag narrower and eliminating the underarm curve of the shirt. The picture below is three shots of one shirt. The front, the back and then hanging loosely.
These are four more totes that I've made. The Garfield has glow in the dark paw prints on it.
I think of my Aunt Leta every time I use her serger.

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