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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Year's Pumpkin

Do you remember the one, single, lovely pumpkin I grew in my garden last year (the smaller one didn't make it)? When I finally removed it from my garden I took it to the studio because the temperature is set lower out there than in the house. Look over PK's shoulder in this picture and you can see it sitting in the background. I finally brought it in the house the other day...
...and cut the top off it. I wasn't sure how it was going to look inside...
...If it had gone to mush, I didn't want it spilling all over the kitchen. But it was nicely sinewy...
...so I sliced it open and scooped the seeds and all out.
I diced up the pumpkin meat and cut off the rind then lightly cooked and bagged it for freezing.
I have never roasted pumpkin seeds, so I didn't have a clue. I checked online and the first thing that was very noticeable was that my seeds weren't white. I went ahead and divided the seeds into two pans for my toaster oven (my big over needs servicing).
After they dried out and started to actually start looking toasty, they started popping and flying around in my toaster oven. The seeds that were still white came out completely edible but the others were more like sunflower seeds except that they don't easily give up their seed. I decided not to roast the other half, maybe I'll try planting them.
In the front to the left you can see one of the seeds that exploded.
I guess if I want to roast pumpkin seeds I'll need to make sure to harvest them sooner.


Peter said...

Hi! I haven't had pumpkin seeds for sometime now since my love for pistachio nuts took a hold. A bit too salty but still that doesn't stop me eating the whole packet!

Good to see one of your pumpkins make it out alive. The last time our son arrived from the top end of Australia in his big rig, he had 40 tonnes of them on the back.

PS Sorry if this is duplicate as old blogger through an error with the first one.

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

I'll try the pumpkin patch again this year, the squash bugs got the most of the patch last year. I'll cut into my pumpkin earlier if I get a nice one this time. :)

40 tonnes of pumpkin! That's a lot of pumpkin pie or jack-o-lanterns.

No duplicate.