Random Acts of Living

Friday, March 26, 2010


The little green starts were poking their heads up through the soil the other day, but I had neglected to take my camera with me.
This is chamomile, looks like I'm going to need to thin it quite a bit. I wonder if it would transplant?
See the little white spot? That the side of a cucumber stem.
Got a couple of reddish seeds busting open in this one. I don't remember what it was and I've planted quite a few different things in this bunch.
Well, it's a beginning. :)



GORGEOUS!! It's so exciting getting to start the garden now!!! I can't wait for more. And warmer weather. I haven't started my tomatoes yet, but I can't decide whether to just buy the plants later on or not.

Moonshadow said...

I planted some in my starter pots but I'm going to have to buy some because I don't have any yellow tomato seed and I have to have more yellow tomatoes. :) I went out and looked at the seeds again tonight and there's several more popping up.