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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glorious Sunset

Saturday night on the way home we were driving into the sunset and it was gorgeous. I had a difficult time getting to somewhere that I could take pictures, the middle of road seemed to be the best, unobstructed location. But, for obvious reasons, I couldn't just stop my car there and take pictures.
Fortunately it got better instead of fading. There is a term for this singular ray of sunlight at sunset...
Bob Johnson tells me that these lights are called solar pillars.


Oz Girl said...

How amazing... I know there are names for many of the sky pics I take, both solar and cloud related. I guess it would be nice to have a book that helps me identify such things.

These are great photos!!!

Peter said...

Hi! Just popping in for a quick visit before I start painting the bedroom walls, again!

Your images are just AWESOME!

Take Care,

René said...

Come to California! Our sunsets cannot be beat. You'll be amazed at how pretty sunsets can be through thick, hazy smog. :)


Moonshadow said...

OG - The best info I've found has been online, but I don't appear to have bookmarked it. Try a search for moondogs. Audubon has a Night Sky book and a Weather book, but not sure if they cover the lights.

Peter - Again? Are you having to redo them? Wrong color?

Rene - Thanks for stopping by. I've seen California sunsets over the ocean and in the mountains. I've seen Bioluminescent waves while walking the beach at night. Many years ago I lived in California for a spell, my husband was in the Navy and I also have family in California. My Aunt an Uncle have a place in the mountains not far from Yosemite.

Peter said...

Hi! First came the cleaning, then the patching, then the sanding, then the sealer, then more sanding, then the first final coat, then the second final coat, let me catch my breath..then came the touch ups.

Have to go now! Bye! I have to clean the newly laid tiles before the wife gets home tomorrow otherwise I'll be in the dog house!

Oh! My aching back!

BTW - Our first grandchild said her first words, "Mama"...how cool is that!

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Peter - you're doing way too much work! Won't be long before that little girl is jabbering away. :)