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Friday, October 3, 2008

A Roof Over Our Heads

25 years ago Terry Horner put nice new shingles on our roof. He was able to put them over the existing layers but told us that it was at the maximum layers allowed. In 25 years we didn't have a problem one with the roof. No wind damage, no hail damage.... nothing.
This last year the hail storms and winds storms took it's toll on roof and we decided it was time to re-roof.
Because we were going to have to have layers removed the hubby decided that we should take it all the way down because the bottom layer was wood shingles, as can be seen below around the edge and...
...as seen looking up from in the attic. The old wood shingles were a potential fire hazard, becoming more flammable as they dry out.
The roofing crew came out Thursday morning and stripped the roof completely down where sun was shining into my attic.
Then they put on plywood and tar-paper.
They got a good start on the shingles but it got dark before they finished up. Tomorrow they'll be out to finish up and I'll post pictures of my pretty new roof. Terry has had crews working all over town this summer and these men do a wonderful job. They do excellent work, they're fast and keep things cleaned up. When they leave, you hardly know they were there.
Turns out my tree in the front yard makes a great stand for a water cooler.


Alice said...

Your new roof is so pretty. I love the shingles you chose. I have an admiration for men who can work up high. It makes me dizzy just looking at the pictures. :)

Moonshadow said...

Thank you, Alice. I think it's going to make quite a difference in how it looks. If I remember right, I think the shingles that Terry put on 25 years ago were the same color as what was already on the house.

Bob Johnson said...

A new roof is always exciting stuff, just got ours a couple years ago.

Moonshadow said...

Well I expect this new roof to hold up as well as the last one did. If it doesn't it won't be because of the installers. I really like having someone that I know personally to do our roofing and siding because I know that he stands behind his work/crew and also will know what to do if we need repairs.