Random Acts of Living

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surprise on My Porch

This morning I opened my front door to go outside to get the newspaper when something black and furry jumped off the cushion in the wooden chair on my porch. Then two more fur-balls followed. I rushed back to my desk to get my camera and took these pictures through the dirty glass on my front storm door.
They were really skittish...
...and didn't like the flash at all.
When I opened the door they ran down to the yard and when I stepped out on the porch they ran across the street.
Cats and dogs seem to like the chairs on my front porch. Last year I found a dachshund pup in a chair on my porch. Turned out it belonged to my new next door neighbors, his name was Leo. Leo came over many more times after that. They patched and plugged holes all around the base of their fence and Leo still was able to escape. I even patched and plugged from my side. Then one day when one of the grandsons and I were walking the fence line we came upon a loose board. Leo was able to push the board to get out but then it fell back in place and he couldn't return the same way. We plugged that hole and Leo ceased to visit.


Anita said...

Aren't they gorgeous!

All cats found wandering here are picked up... and right after the tornado all that hadn't been picked up were picked up by all the humane society volunteers, so we very rarely see cats running around... I'm amazed at the number of cat owners who let their cats outside - we'd end up having to pay a fine and pick ours up at the pound!

Moonshadow said...

These guys dissappeared for a while after I took their pictures. Then I came home late Friday night and I saw them running off the porch. I saw them again last night out by my sheds. I love cats and kittens are really cute, but ferral cats chase and sometimes kill the rabbits in my yard. It's a toss up as to whether that's a problem. I don't want the rabbits to over populate, either.