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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas Celebration

Our family gathered at my daughter's house and everyone brought all their presents. So very many presents, the dog even has some. Hmmm.... I guess I need to post another picture of the tree so you can see the pretty angel at the top. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
The grandchildren entertain themselves while they wait.
The handing out of the presents begins. One grandchild gets to hand out all the presents and they also get to wait till all the presents are handed out before they can open their own. But Kmonster doesn't mind.
Everyone busy with presents...

Do you see the monkey slippers? There really is a rug under all that wrapping paper. Traditionally all the paper gets thrown to the middle of the room.
See, there is a rug there and all that paper fit nicely in the black garbage bag.
Here's something new for us this Christmas. Pizza! My folks picked up 6 Papa Murphy pizza's that you cook at home. I thought they were rather good. The veggie was exceptional.
Here's Auntie helping put together the baby stuff that is multiple things, stroller, swing, high chair.... not sure what all it converts into. She was thrilled!
The "boys" were sitting around talking computer and other stuff.

Finally the dog got to come in and open his presents.
Had to go after it a few times...
...but he finally got it opened. I didn't get a good shot of it, it was a stuffed black squirrel with a squeaker which he immediately removed all extruding parts from, like the ears. Then the SIL finally was able to make it home (this was Christmas Eve BTW) to open his presents.
That's what we got for him, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader". He opened it and took out a pack of the cards and began reading the questions. He soon determined that he was going to have to study before playing the game with his sons.
I think everyone got all they asked Santa for, I know I did. All I wanted was to be able to be with family and enjoy the grandchildren's joy and that's what I got plus more. I hope the rest of you had a Wonderful Christmas!


Anita said...

How fun! Looks like everyone had a good day...
My extended family Christmas was tolerable this year... My mom only had one little fit, a new record for her... lol
Christmas day was just the three of us, and watching Isaiah open his presents... :)


Family Food Fun!!! Love that big ol family, that must be such a blessing! :) I hope it was peaceful and I am glad you had a great day! :)

Peter said...

Hi! That did look like a Great Christmas Family Day! Besides the great memories I hope you got what you wished for! All the best for 2008! - regards Peter

Moonshadow said...

Hi, Guys! I haven't been ignoring you, just been a bit pre-occupied. Plus I didn't feel all that great on Christmas day. I think everything just caught up with me and I had a bit of the "crud". By Thursday I barely had a voice but I felt pretty good.

I hope all of you had a "Holly, Jolly Christmas" and are getting rested up for the New Year so we can all Celebrate and bring in a Happy one!

Hugs All Around!!!

Peter said...

Hi! I can see from the photos why you lost your voice. But well worth it by the looks! I hope the "crud" is long gone!


Kelly Malloy said...

Looks like there was lots of fun!